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Koi Ni Nare! Extra

Here I am, bringing you the extra from Koi Ni Nare!
Thanks to gwendelp for contacting the translator, kitsuneko, from Canis Major scans, to translate this extra for us.

Here it is...
BTW, the file has both Spanish and English versions, cus I didn't want to add another folder to my desktop.!

Koi nanka shitakunai chapter 1


Here is the first chapter of this (to be honest, I'm not sure what to call it), prequel/spin-off to Koi ni Nare!
From what I know, there are 2 chapters available, and I'm working on chapter 2 already.

P.S. Is anyone interested in translating the 2 page extra for Koi Ni Nare? I have the Japanese scans, but can probably get Chinese scans if needed.

Without further ado,

here's the chapter


Koi Ni Nare! Chapter 6 (Final chapter)

A really fast intro, cus I know you all want to read this last chapter ASAP, so I'll shut up....
Here it is!

p.s. Koi Nanka shouldn't take too long, I already have chapters 1-2 cleaned, I just need to typeset...
And I'll have to scan the little extra for Koi Ni Nare, but that shouldn't take too long...(hopefully)


Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

BTW, I finally got the cleaned chapter of Koi Ni Nare, and I am working on it. should be out soon!

Koi Ni Nare unpdate

Hello guys!
No I am not dead, nor is Koi ni Nare or Koi Nanka (I think).
Sorry for the delay in the release of this last chapter, but since I get my cleaned raws from  the Spanish group I help, the girl's computer went in for repairs and she lost the cleaned chapter and had to recommission it.
And yes, I could have probably cleaned it myself, but it's a pain to clean out water marks and hopefully I'll be getting the cleaned chapters soon.

As for Koi Nanka, I am not sure what the release schedule is, so I don't know if more than one chapter is out already. I only have the one chapter and have not received anything else from the Spanish group.

Does anyone know where I can get the raws for Koi Nanka?

Thanks for your patience.

Koi Ni Nare ch 5, re-edited, final version

Here it is, all shiny and better looking than last time.
So credit goes to Izumi for cleaning and Cowie for translating, and thanks to echizen_patrice and aiteous for their help with that missing speech bubble.
I also want to say that I am a bit weird sometimes about things, so even though Izumi did 99% of the cleaning, some panels looked too "clean" for my liking so I went ahead and re-cleaned them. Still, without all her help there is no way in hell I'd be done with this chapter.
 So without further ado, here is the new link:

P.S. And this is an announcement I've been wanting to make, I have definitely dropped Tsubasa: Those with Wings. I was never really interested in the story, but I know a lot of people are, so I tried, but it just does not appeal to me in the slightest.

And in good news, I will be releasing the prequel/sequel/sister story (not sure what it is) of Koi ni Nare! called Koi nanka shitakunai, but that will come after I finish Koi Ni Nare! which has 1 chapter and a little 2 page extra left.

I wanted to release this chapter while it's still valentines day, at least for me, so it's very rushed. Don't worry though, I will go back and make it pretty, just for the time being, here it is, rough and all.
Thanks to izumi for cleaning and Cowie for translating!
BTW, it contains some of the photoshop files, so some of you might not be able to open those, but's it's ok since all the files are also jpegs)

Here's the link:

Koi ni Nare help

So I am currently working on chapter 5 of Koi ni Nare!(Yay!) but I have a slight problem. One of the speech bubbles was apparently left untranslated, so if anyone can help me with that speech bubble, this chapter can see the light of day sooner. It's from the Chinese scans, if anyone needs the Japanese text for this page, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

This is the translation I have for this page;
So shoujo (sfx: dreamy)
(On screen) Terminate? (Photographs already taken will be deleted)
(On screen) (1) Terminate (2) Don't terminate (3) Save
sfx: press
Save this
Don't flirt in front of me~~! / Speaking of which, are you guys gonna pick up where you left off?
Don't worry. / The rest will come after graduation.
What's with that declaration! / This just became more pornographic!

Here is the picture and I've circled the bubble in question (Unless we are putting the speech on the wrong bubble...)

Thanks for all your help! I can't say for sure when I'll have the chapter completed but I'll try to have it as soon as possible.
See pic....Collapse )

Happy New Year!!!

img636Hope you all have a good 2014!

Merry Christmas!!!!

To all that celebrate, hope you all have/had (depending on time zones) a very Merry Christmas!