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Trinity Blood Rage Against the Moons vol 1


I'm kinda back!

I still don't have a computer where I can edit images, but I do gave access to word where I can translate just words.

Anyway, after like 4 years since I released the other Trinity Blood novel, here is another one.



P.S. it seems this one is supposed to be read before ROM


Wow, It's been over a year since I've posted anything.

To the people that have left me birthday wishes, many thanks!

About this page/scanlation...I still don't have a desktop. On  the other hand, I found my Photoshop CD.

Koi Nanka is as good as dead in regards to me, someone did translate it fully and its out there. That is not to say that there are not other series I would love to work on or tweak (no disrespect to the people that have worked on them before), but until I get a desktop again, it's going to be hard.

That being said, I am looking to work on short things, so one-shots or 1 maybe 2 volume series only.

So in short, I'm not dead, but I don't know when I'll be back.

Thank you!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

P.S. I still don't have a desktop :(

More Updates on Koi Nanka


I am honestly not dead, but in life support.
My desktop is still dead, I need to find my editing programs again, and just find some time to work on this project. I know that it has been worked on by others and it's available online, but like I said before, people have helped me with it already, and  it's not fair to leave their work to the side.

I can't make any promises as to when this will see the light of day, though.
I sincerely apologize for that.


Another updare

Hello all,

Merry Christmas (for those who celebrate).

I'm here to apologize. I promised Koi Nanka in late November, but I didn't release anything.
My main computer w/ my editing programs died, and I just got it back, but now I need to look for my editing programs all over again.


Hopefully the next time I post, it will be some good news.

-Linwe Nolatari


Koi Nanka Status

I'm not dead....but I'm I'm life support for the time being...
I think I read somewhere that there are other people working on Koi Nanka.
I'm not dropping the series, unless I can't find raws and translators.
Anyway, the reason I'm here today is to make an announcement:
Usually now the only times I can work on Koi Nanka is weekends, but even then, most of the time I don't get to it, so I was thinking that the next chapter won't be released until Thanksgiving weekend, since I'll have 4 days to work on it.
If anyone can translate/clean chapters 5+ for me in the mean time, so I can have them for Thanksgiving, I'll hopefully release whatever is available in one go.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty.
If I can squeeze in chapter 3 and/or 4 before then, I will release then.


Koi Nanka (unoficial) chapter 3

I had an "aha" moment last night, and decided to release this version of chapter 3 I have.
Pajaroskri was kind enough to translate this chapter and then she went ahead and placed the speech in the corresponding bubbles, so for the time being I am releasing this version.
She started working on chapter 4, she translated 6 pages, so if anyone wants to translate from page 7 onwards, that would be great, also, I need a cleaner for chapters 4-6, and possibly 7 if it's already out?

Here it is, enjoy for now.



Koi Nanka Update

Hello there,

No I am not dead. Koi nanka is just slowly being churned.
I recently started a new job where I sit in front of a computer the whole day, so at the end of the day, I don't want to continue doing that at home too. That only leaves weekends, but I don't want to drop koi nanka, nor really stop doing this. I like doing it, but I might jsut slow down....a bit...

Anyway, right now the issue is the watermarks on the raws. I don't like them, and someone was kind enough to point me to some other raws with less obtrusive water marks, but cleaning is still a pain for me, so I will slowly be doing that so I can replace the watermarked parts with less watermarked pieces.

And I still need a translator for chapters 4 and 6, and I'm not sure if 7 might be out already?

i don't make any promises of when, but I'll just say this, definately.


Koi nanka shitakunai status

I know I promised not too take 4 months between releases and it's already going on the 2 month mark, but I've encountered some issues.

One, I need help with the cleaning. To be honest, my  wrist has been buging me enough to be kinda useless for long, so I'd take forever cleaning the chapters.

And 2, I need help with translating chapters 4  and 6.

If anyone could help (even if it is to clean chapter 3) that be awesome.

Thanks for any and all help.


Koi nanka shitakunai translations

Holy fuck!
What did I just see?!

Ok. Thanks for everyone that pointed me to the raws...now the dilemma.
Without spoiling much, (and since I can't read Chinese), it seems that chapter 5 might be the turning point, or something.

Anyway, anyone want to translate chapters 3-5?
I promise to not take 4 months to release them.

I just need to get in contact with my contact to see if she already has these chapters, if not I'll have to clean them myself.

But I'll figure that out later.

For now, translations.

Please and thank you.

Thanks to all that answered! It seems that for the time being, the raws/translation issue has been resolved. Once again, thanks and hopefully we'll get another chapter soon.