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linwenolatari's Journal

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1 August
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So what can I say? Cat lover:) I really like anime and manga, but i'm picky w/ what i read...i'm not much of a shojo fan, cus most of it is crap(to me at least), like vampires, but am disapointed w/ most vampire themed anime, manga, movies or books( I hate the Twilight series w/ a passion, they are like a very bad shojo, am trying to actually write something decent, I have a lot of ideas and character stories, but I can't seem to grasp their stories yet...
so yeah....that's me...
Fave tv shows:
Ugly Betty, Scrubs, Sabrina the teenaged witch,boy meets world, the secret life of the american teenager,anime
drawing, writting, reading, watching tv
Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicle's,Amelia Atwater Rhodes' Shattered Mirror

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